• Confusion Still Exists Over Non-Compete Provisions

    By: Wasif A. Khan, Esq. As a healthcare attorney, I routinely counsel clients on the applicability of restrictive covenants, especially noncompete provisions. ¬†Generally, states, including Illinois tend to apply a “reasonableness” standard, meaning courts will look at the facts and circumstances surrounding the employment, the actual terms of the noncompete, and other relevant factors to determine whether the noncompete provision is in fact reasonable. However, in light of a recent ...

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  • Understanding Dental Employment Agreements

    Munir Gomaa By: Munir Gomaa (Class of 2017, SIUE School of Dental Medicine) Dental Employment Agreements, similar to physician employment agreements should be reviewed by an attorney to ensure compliance with industry standards.  Specifically, we recommend focusing on the following items: At-Will vs. Term Agreement Is Agreement subject to automatic renewals Exclusivity and Outside Services Is dentist allowed to practice at other offices or provide volunteer services. Duties Clinical (sp...

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